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Jurisdiction-specific regulations/guidelines pertaining to indexes and index-related funds

CSRC Guidelines on Index Funds

Guideline No.3 Operation of Publicly-offered Securities Investment Funds—Guideline for Index Funds (“CSRC Guidelines on Index Funds”) issued by China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”) specifies the requirements of launching index funds within China, amongst other things, it is required that the index information shall be in Chinese, updated in a timely manner and shall be publicly available for free. Click here for Index Information in Chinese.



ESMA Guidelines

For a copy of the MSCI Equity Index policy document on the ESMA Guidelines on ETFs and Other UCITS Issues, please contact MSCI Client Service.

Index constituents information as per ESMA Guidelines can be found here.


As required by Article 37 and/or Article 38 of the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (“MiFIR”), MSCI makes available the following licenses of MSCI indexes to certain central counterparties (CCPs) and trading venues (as defined by MiFIR):

  • Trading and Clearing Licence is required for CCPs and trading venues to list, trade and clear futures and options based on MSCI indexes.

CCPs and trading venues wishing to exercise their access rights under MiFIR are required to complete the request form.

United States IRS 871 (M) Regulations Relating to the Definition of a ‛Qualified Index´

In response to feedback from numerous market participants, MSCI has decided to provide information regarding select indexes to help facilitate MSCI’s clients’ determination whether an index qualifies as a “Qualified Index” under Section 871(m) of the Internal Revenue Code.

MSCI Equity Index Policy regarding United States IRS 871(M) regulations relating to the definition of a “Qualified Index”

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