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A golden age in pharma?

Discoveries. Breakthroughs. Innovations. The life sciences sector is a promising landscape filled with opportunity.

Today, advances in the life sciences and the accelerating evolution of computing, automation, and artificial intelligence are fueling a new wave of innovation—faster than ever before—aimed at driving better health outcomes.

Our suite of MSCI Life Sciences Indexes aims to represent long-term, future-focused themes that are expected to disrupt the life sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. These indexes can be used to benchmark growth, facilitate portfolio construction, enhance research or support new product development. They are designed to measure performance of companies delivering exciting health-focused solutions, and to help investors focus on trends shaping tomorrow.

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Bringing together our data and insight, with the industry expertise of Royalty Pharma, our new indexes focus on the biopharmaceutical and life sciences disruption. From preventative and personalized medicines to cancer breakthroughs, new antivirals and digitized assessment, diagnosis and treatments, our initial indexes are focused on virology, immuno-oncology and broad biotech.

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