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Private capital standards that serve as Performance and Investment Books of Record

Manage your performance and cash flows confidently. Our platform is designed to organize and unify private asset information into a centralized hub that empowers users with the clarity needed to build better portfolios.

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Albuquerque Partners II

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All your private capital commitments on one portfolio management platform

  • Improve visibility

    Forecast cash flows and valuations to make more informed decisions about your private capital portfolio.

  • Better manage liquidity

    Capture the full breakdown of capital calls, fees, distributions and recallable capital to see the full scope of your investment operation.

  • Gain insights

    Streamline data interactions on one integrated, browser-based platform with reports, dashboards and advanced analytics.

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How we can help

  • Capture transaction activity

    Gain confidence in your data through our investment book of record or shadow custodian record keeping services.

  • Measure performance

    Calculate absolute and relative performance, standardized across managers, portfolios and peers.

  • Improve forecasts and pacing

    Realize target allocations by better understanding future cash flows, valuations and unfunded commitments.

  • Analyze and report

    Strengthen strategic decision-making with interactive dashboards and dynamic board-quality reports.

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Albuquerque Partners II

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Who we serve

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Over three decades, we have helped boost transparency for public and private markets. With experience in enriching, classifying and distilling data, we transform raw information into actionable insights presented in an easily digestible format. And as a result, the largest pools of capital use our vast datasets and tools to inform their critical investment decisions.2

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  • 1 Funds Europe, June 30, 2022.
  • 2 Eight of the ten largest private equity investors globally use our data and services as of December 2023.