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MSCI Property Intel collects property-related data from a variety of public and private data sources, enabling users to analyse properties, owners, transactions, locations, market information and source new or off market business opportunities.


Why Property Intel?

An easy-to-use platform, packed with the essential information. Property Intel allows the user to run extensive searches to support analysis of the real estate market. Deep dive into the individual asset, learn who the ultimate owner is, and further assess the owner’s portfolio or the complete company organisation structure.

The user can dive deeper into the data through property search or the detailed map interface to identify neighbouring owners of a particular asset, analyse transactions within the area of interest and identify the market value rate for either sales or leasing opportunities. Easily find out who owns more than 10,000 sqm of Industrial properties within Bergen.

As a broker, this, enables you to source off market business opportunities, and quickly. Providing you with the ability to create pre-filtered searches and have these sent straight to your inbox – allowing you to start your week with a clean, qualified prospect list.


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What countries are covered by Property Intel?

Property Intel has been the leading provider of commercial real estate data since it started in Sweden in 1996. Property Intel is currently available in Sweden, Finland, and the UK. Following many requests from clients and as part of our continual growth, Property Intel is now finally launching in Norway as its newest geographical addition.

Datscha Norway - modules

Key features

  • Property

    Quickly identify commercial properties using their location, address, postcode or sub-region, plot details, or via the interactive map. You can also search for properties using specific criteria, such as: size of the property, property type / asset class or owner.

  • Owner

    Source ownership information of a property, learn more about the individual or company’s property portfolio, and even find out more information on the company structure.

  • Market Data

    Access detailed market information on commercial properties in Norway, helping you analyse the property sales, market value, or average rental prices. Feel more equipped with access to up-to-date valuation details that are easy to access.

  • Transactions

    A quick overview of all the most recent and up to date, commercial property transactions in the market. Access details on real estate transactions, active buyers and sellers, and market value trends.


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