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MSCI powers better investments by enabling clients to understand and analyze key drivers of risk and return and confidentially build more effective portfolios using data-driven tools and solutions. We aim to bring greater transparency and understanding throughout the investment process.

Analytics - new


Multi-asset class risk and performance analytics powered by flexible technology that enables clients to manage risk, communicate results and make better investment decisions.

Climate Investing - new

Climate Investing

Learn how Climate Investing can help investors and issuers utilize climate data and tools to support their investment decision making.

ESG Investing - new

ESG Investing

ESG Investing (Sustainable Investing) is growing exponentially as more investors and issuers utilize ESG and climate data and tools to support their investment decision making.

Factor Investing - new

Factor Investing

MSCI has developed factor indexes, FaCS and factor models backed by four decades of factor research and innovation.

Indexes - new


From foundational broad market to customized outcome indexes, our time-tested, globally consistent solutions power indexed strategies and products for investors.

Real Estate Investing - new

Real Assets

Our micro-to-macro market data and portfolio management tools power more informed decision making across the investment process