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For four decades, MSCI Real Estate have championed transformative transparency in the industry. Making it easier for institutional investors and investment managers to manage, measure and increase their real estate allocations in line with their specific strategic aims. Working in partnership with the industry, we have always strived to bring robustness to the real estate asset class. 

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Reflect on the key milestones of the last four decades of real estate investing.

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Meeting the moment for 40 years

Through turbulent times, property booms, bubble bursts, market crashes and technological change, MSCI Real Estate's objective, consistent and comparable indexes have met the moment. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

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Anticipating Tomorrow's Challenge

Our mission has always been to power better investment decisions by helping our clients make sense of uncertainty. It is why we were the first to make public, private real estate information in 1980 in the UK. And it is why, fuelled by the aspirations of our clients, we have grown coverage from one to over 30 countries and now provide near 60 property and fund indexes, including Pan European and Global Indexes to support larger investors, and non-core indexes to aid diversified portfolio management.

Our success is underlined by our client relationships, our responsiveness to the events that shape our world, changing investing trends and investor requirements.

This includes developing actionable insight to help you navigate the impacts of Coronavirus, delivering tools to identify climate change risks to your real estate investments and with the support and commitment from 900+ clients globally, raising the standard of information, reporting and transparency in real estate, with our ever-expanding suite of indexes.

Explore the advancements and crises that shaped today’s investment world and see how MSCI Real Estate is rising to meet your challenges of tomorrow:

MSCI Real Estate remain committed to shedding light on emerging markets, developing timely, relevant insights and putting real estate analysis on the same footing as other asset classes by providing reliable and objective measures of performance.


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