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MSCI ESG Research is closely following the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposed requirements for U.S.-listed companies to disclose certain climate-related risks, beginning in 2024. The proposed rules mark a decisive step forward on climate change disclosure, proposing comparable and consistent information to measure climate-related risks.


Latest News and Insights

Latest News and Insights

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Upcoming Events

  • Capital for Climate Action Conference

    Join MSCI on May 17 and 18 for our global “Capital for Climate Action” conference, which will examinewhat the SEC's climate rules might mean for investors. Learn more and register now.

  • MSCI In Practice: Are you ready for the SEC Climate Disclosure Rules?

    In this webinar we will share MSCI ESG Research’s view of the proposed requirements and discuss what investors may expect of companies seeking to meet the proposed disclosure rules, what this could mean for climate metrics and how investors may intend to use data proposed to be reported in the future.

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