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Climate Change and Low-Carbon Risks and Opportunities in China

Jul 21, 2020 XU Shuo, WANG Xiaoshu

A transition to a low-carbon economy could alter the risk-return profile for many industries. The MSCI Climate Change Indexes for China and China A stocks aim to be practical tools to assist institutional investors in reflecting these potential changes in their investment strategies.


Corporate Bonds Through a Factor and ESG Lens

Jul 20, 2020 Rohit Mendiratta, Hitendra D Varsani

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on how companies manage cash flows and liquidity. Bond investors face the possibility of increased leverage, rating downgrades and defaults. Can factors and ESG metrics shed light on these risks?


Managing Climate Risk in Equity Portfolios: A Case Study

Jul 15, 2020 Bruno Rauis, Zoltán Nagy

Institutional investors are increasingly focused on mitigating their climate-related risks. How could a “typical” active global equity manager have managed these exposures without disturbing the portfolio’s risk and return characteristics?


Up in Smoke? Brazil’s Wildfires May Affect Bond Spreads

Jul 10, 2020 Hamed Faquiryan, Mario López-Alcalá

Clearing Brazilian forests to make way for agriculture may spur a backlash to soy and beef producers if purchasers impose deforestation-free rules. What are the potential implications for debt of affected companies and for Brazilian sovereign debt?


Measuring Climate Risk in Real Estate Portfolios

Jul 8, 2020 Bryan Reid

By evaluating real estate portfolios in terms of different physical risks as well as under different transition-risk scenarios, investors may be able to build a more complete picture of their exposure.


Would Integrating ESG in Chinese Equities Have Worked?

Jul 7, 2020 Naoya Nishimura, Shuo Xu

ESG ratings have reflected financial risk and returns in developed-market and emerging-market equities. But was this true in China, where ESG considerations are still in their infancy?


ESG Ratings: How the Weighting Scheme Affected Performance

Jun 29, 2020 Zoltán Nagy, Linda-Eling Lee, Guido Giese

Our recent research suggests that environmental and social issues were more industry specific and tended to show up in financial measures over a longer time frame compared to governance issues. How can E, S and G issues be combined?

Research Paper

Managing Climate Risk in Investment Portfolios

Jun 26, 2020 NAGY Zoltan, Rauis BRUNO

How can active managers integrate climate risk in their portfolios? We test four simple exclusion strategies on a sample global equity portfolio, examining their impact on the risk, return and market exposures.


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Source: https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/international/2020/01/08/553871.htm

Foundations of ESG investing

Foundations of ESG investing

How ESG integration has affected benchmarks and index-based, factor and active portfolios.

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Introducing MSCI ESG fund ratings

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