The Effects of Generational Change on Investors

The Effects of Generational Change on Investors

Peter Zangari, Global Head of Research and Product Development shares how technological advancements are central to the success of investment firms.

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Understanding Generational Change

  • What Do We Mean by Generational Change?
    Generational change refers to technology’s unparalleled influence on every aspect of the investment process, allowing for faster and more accurate access to information and analysis that helps drive decisions.
  • Why Is it So Crucial to Adapt to it?
    Technology’s influence and impact continues to grow — as does the rate of change. It’s no exaggeration to say that those who fail to embrace this fact will fall behind those who do.
  • How Do We Integrate These Ideas into Our Day-to-Day Decision Making?
    The power of these forces has been felt across financial services firms. Advancements in technology, algorithms and data means more time and more added value by making use of the analysis and insights to build and maintain portfolios.


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