Delivering on Vision of MSCI Investment Solutions as a Service


Delivering on the Vision of MSCI Investment Solutions as a Service

Advancing the Investment Industry with Hyper Scale of the Cloud and Cutting edge Technologies to Solve Unique Challenges and Empower Clients to Build Better Portfolios

New and Unique Sources of Data, Models and Technology
Consumption, Metering, Billing and Servicing


Personalization, and Data Transparency
Integrated Products and Services


Investment Solutions as a Service

Launching New Services in 2021 to Transform the Investment Industry

Investment Solutions as a Service, running on the MSCI Investment Cloud Powered by Microsoft Azure


New ESG and Climate Application

Launching ESG as a Service with Advanced Climate Analytics
  • ESG and Climate analytics in the cloud, developed with Microsoft
  • Democratizing 4,000+ data points underlying all ESG solutions
  • Modern user experience new application, APIs and data
  • Intuitive experience tailored for peer comparisons with deep analysis and insights on climate and risk assessment of a company
ESG Analytics Tool
Intuitive User Experience Blended with World’s Leading ESG and Climate
  • Compare and drill down important climate metrics across companies or industries
  • Ability to create custom reports and visualizations
  • Modern search experience
  • Built on Azure PowerBI platform and mapping services
ESG Analytics Tool


MSCI Customized Index Application

Launching Indexing as a Service Powering Millions of Indexes:
  • The Power of the MSCI Index Platform at your Fingertips…
  • Hyper scale, deep customization, speed and depth of analytics
  • One-click from ideation to production, delivered to your systems with our MSCI APIs
  • Fast back-testing scenarios to fine-tune indexes in a tight feedback loop
  • Minutes from hypotheses to a new index using our best of breed research and methodologies
Index Application Tool
A Seamless Index Construction Experience for Better Financial Products
Solving for the Mass Customization of Our Industry
  • Over 50 years of MSCI experience and IP for your index construction process
  • Create, back-test, customize, order, productionize and receive daily delivery with best quality industry standards of the industry
  • Our platform is your platform with direct access to the full depth and breadth of MSCI’s Index Research
  • Compare personalized Index performance with standard benchmarks and analytics to build better products
Index Application Tool


MSCI Data Lake and MSCI Data Explorer

Launching MSCI Data Explorer and MSCI Data Lake
  • Rich and extensive datasets at your fingertips
  • Curated by hundreds of data scientists, analysts and quantitative researchers and leading technologists
  • Easy access to search, explore, test, purchase and integrate datasets
  • Expose MSCI data that powers our Index, ESG, Analytics and Real Estate products
Data Lake Explorer
Democratizing 50 Years of MSCI Data, Models and IP
  • One stop and open access to MSCI’s unique repository of curated, proprietary or partners’ datasets
  • Modern search experience to easily find data with previews, trials and extensive documentation
  • Includes multiple levels of core datasets such as entity, company, instrument, country and market
  • Augmented with new datasets such as extensive asset location data, interest rate curves, single security analytics and volatility surfaces and quality review comments
Data Lake Explorer


MSCI Developer Portal MSCI APIs

Launching MSCI Developer Portal and APIs: Open Investment Architecture
  • Direct access to MSCI’s Analytics services for risk, performance, ESG, Real Estate, Index
  • Modern Developer Portal to explore our APIs and open architecture through samples, documentation and a built in sandbox to test new innovative ideas
Developer Portal
One Stop for Everything MSCI for Developers and Researchers
  • Fine-grained access to broad suite of services across Analytics, Index, ESG and Real Estate
  • Modular components make it easy to integrate and build new MSCI products, develop new partnerships or deeply integrate with a customer’s system
Developer Portal

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