Investment professionals around the world are accelerating advances in technology and data science to generate alpha, serve clients and expand the frontiers of innovative investing.

MSCI’s solutions are designed to help investors harness and leverage new technology and data to build better portfolios. That includes collecting and processing enormous datasets that span investment disciplines, as well as marrying quantitative analysis, research and modeling with technology that helps investors navigate a rapidly changing landscape. Investors turn to our solutions to help them:

  • Analyze sources of risk and return
  • Create multi-asset-class portfolios and investment products that capture market opportunities
  • Harness investment benchmarks and select securities to advance strategies
  • Understand the portfolio implications of climate change and the resilience of companies to long-term ESG risks
  • Deepen insight into factor investing
  • Elevate transparency and improve reporting

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Our mission

The challenge of synthesizing large amounts of data to balance performance, risk, sustainability and climate considerations is becoming exponentially more complicated for investors. The way to solve it will be by being at the leading edge of innovation in technology and data.

Jigar Thakkar, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering



Technology is the engine that delivers our research, models, data, and analytical capabilities. For over a decade, we have been using artificial intelligence (“AI”) and natural-language processing (“NLP”) to enhance our content and data collection process, transform the client experience, and drive operational efficiencies.

Given our years of experience, MSCI is uniquely positioned to connect relevant data to deliver meaningful and easy-to-consume insights, empowering our clients with quality data to create differentiated investment solutions.

To further advance our capabilities, MSCI has leveraged partnerships with Google Cloud and Microsoft and we have several AI projects in development to improve and accelerate data production quality, model development, and client service engagement.

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Delivering on Vision of MSCI Investment Solutions as a Service


Turning technology and data into true intelligence

MSCI technology and data help investors solve some of their most important investment problems. We calculate more than 290,000 indexes daily, including over 15,000 in real time. Each day investors draw on our nearly 50 years of historical data for equities, factors and fixed income, together with more than 30 years of historical ESG data.1

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MSCI ONE is our open technology platform designed to provide an integrated experience across our content, models and solutions. With a unified view, clients can explore solutions that can help accelerate decision making and enable better investment decisions.

The platform delivers a modern, web-based experience that combines flexible distribution, cloud delivery, dashboards, and visualizations to streamline and create efficiency across workflows. The platform helps our clients: bring data transparency in the world of information overload, uncertainty and fast evolving market trends; pursue investment objectives tailored to their values and needs; and stay ahead in the world of complex and fast evolving sustainability landscape.

MSCI ONE delivers:

  • Modern technology to automate key processes, accelerate time to value and enhance efficiency to support confident decision-making
  • Data transparency through our differentiated data and analytics
  • Robust analytics to quickly identify key insights, innovate rapidly and gain a broad view of investment risks and opportunities
  • An integrated platform to enable exploration of new capabilities and use-case driven solutions
  • A single point of access to MSCI’s tools and solutions with a seamless user experience
  • Ease of integration with institutional workflows and processes through flexible distribution channels and APIs

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Technology Careers at MSCI

By combining our data, quantitative analysis, research, and modelling capabilities with next-generation technologies, you’ll help our clients deepen their understanding, so they can respond quickly to a rapidly changing global investment landscape. Search technology jobs at MSCI.

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  • 1 All information is as of December 30, 2023.