Delivering on Vision of MSCI Investment Solutions as a Service


Delivering on the Vision of MSCI Investment Solutions as a Service

Advancing the Investment Industry with Hyper Scale of the Cloud and Cutting edge Technologies to Solve Unique Challenges and Empower Clients to Build Better Portfolios

New and Unique Sources of Data, Models and Technology
Consumption, Metering, Billing and Servicing


Personalization, and Data Transparency
Integrated Products and Services


Powering Portfolios with True Intelligence 

Powering Portfolios with True Intelligence 

Microsoft Azure powers MSCI’s Investment Solutions as a Service, which uses advanced analytics and big data to enable institutional investors to identify and address key strategic and investment challenges and reduce complexity in data management related to index, ESG and climate investing, and risk analytics.

Investment Solutions as a Service delivers advanced capabilities in quantitative investment research in a modern architecture and experience. Here are some of the way investors are using the platform to better understand their portfolios and serve clients.

MSCI Climate Lab Company is used by investment managers seeking to construct climate-aligned portfolios. The platform combines leading-edge climate data and analysis to provide a robust view of potential climate-related financial impacts and actionable insights across listed companies. Investors use Climate Lab Company to:

  • Visualize the forecast trajectory of companies’ emissions in the coming decades.
  • Explore the depth of climate data and scenario analysis from MSCI ESG Research.
  • Drill down into climate risks and opportunities by issuer, sector or peer set.
  • Identifying emissions leaders and laggards; explore climate-related risks and opportunities by issuer, sector or peer set to compare performance and progress.
  • Explore transition and physical risks by issuer; map exposure to physical risks for both current and projected scenarios.
ESG Analytics Tool

Data Explorer puts our data directly into investors’ hands to power better decision-making. It offers data scientists, analysts, developers, and product managers access to MSCI data, enabling them to construct and analyze portfolios, enhance strategies and get the most insight with the least effort at every stage of the investment process.


  • Search, discover and download nearly 250 sample datasets that power MSCI’s solutions for equities, factors, fixed income, climate and ESG investing.
  • Access nearly 50 years of historical data on equities, factors, fixed income, together with data for more than 30 years of ESG investing.
  • Explore new datasets for asset location, interest-rate curves, single-security analytics, volatility surfaces and quality reviews.
  • Discover and access data directly from the cloud.
  • Store and access your firm’s MSCI data subscriptions, obtain metadata and other details, and share data among analysts and developers.
  • Obtain recommendations for datasets based on your searches.

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Index Application Tool

Developer Community is a searchable directory of MSCI’s application programming interfaces (APIs). It’s designed to power better investment decisions by making APIs available to developers, data scientists and quantitative managers. It aims to help speed their work, improve offerings, go to market sooner, and grow and scale businesses.

  • Search, explore, learn and try APIs from MSCI to support a range of applications and use cases for index, fixed income, ESG and climate, and real estate investing.
  • Create your own investment applications or use API orchestration to integrate front- and back-office applications into a single offering.
  • Access REST- based APIs for MSCI’s risk-factor models and analytics for portfolio construction.
  • Leverage downloadable code snippets to speed set-up, improve collaboration, jump-start projects and build.

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Data Lake Explorer

Investors are increasingly using indexes in new ways, from personalizing investment strategies to delivering innovative products and identifying the massive shifts driving long-term megatrends.

To meet this demand, we created Index Builder. This tool gives asset owners, investment managers and product sponsors the ability to design, simulate and analyze index strategies, and license MSCI custom indexes - in three simple steps.

  • Design - Design indexes that reflect your own investment idea by applying our market leading frameworks and building-block methodologies across Climate, ESG, Factor, Thematic and Market Cap exposures.
  • Simulate and Analyze - Backtest your strategy by simulating historical index performance and comparing index characteristics including returns, exposures and investability measures.
  • License - Bring your idea to market by simply clicking to license the MSCI custom index that reflects your preferred simulation.

Index Builder is currently in development and we plan to make it available to clients in 2022.

Index Builder

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