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We serve our people through areas of focus, including DE&I initiatives, talent practices, benefits and outreach programs.

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Global human rights

Our belief in upholding the fundamental human rights of all people is part of the foundation of our company. It is integrated into how we operate our business, treat our employees, develop our ethical codes and policies, and interact with clients and vendors to create a safe, inclusive, equitable and diverse workplace. We believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect.

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SR Employee engagement

Employee engagement

MSCI is committed to creating a culture of high employee engagement, where all employees are able to take personal ownership of their performance, career and professional growth.

Employee engagement survey

December 2022

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Employee engagement survey

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SR Future of work


Future of Work

In January 2022 , MSCI formally introduced the “Future of Work,” a hybrid work environment that reimagined our use of office space and modernized our technology to enhance interactions with clients and employees. Our goal is to empower employees to reach peak performance levels by enabling them to take charge of their careers and professional growth.

To learn more about MSCI’s unique work environment, visit our Careers page.

SR Talent management


Talent management

Our integrated approach to talent management is designed to ensure we have the right leaders and the right skilled workforce to implement our growth strategies and business plans. We look for talent that will enrich our culture, while ensuring we remain client-centric and aligned with our overall company vision.

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SR Learning and skills


Learning and skills

We want our employees to own their performance, career and professional growth, and we provide the tools, programs and training to enable them to do so. We help our employees understand how their work aligns with our overall strategy, while providing them feedback and coaching to help achieve their goals and develop their careers. By learning how their work fits into MSCI’s purpose and strategy, employees can focus on the needs of relevant stakeholders and are consequently more attune to client needs.

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SR Careers



MSCI offers opportunities for career growth in a range of transformative fields in offices around the world. Our geographic footprint spans the world’s major regions from the U.S. to Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with a workforce that serves thousands of clients in nearly 100 countries.

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SR Diversity, equity and inclusion


Diversity, equity and inclusion

We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is an engine that drives the company and our culture: When exposed to a variety of viewpoints and experiences, we consider new possibilities. And when fully supported and understood, we begin to thrive so we can best serve our clients.

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SR Benefits


Benefits, wellness and safety

MSCI is proud of our goal to provide highly competitive benefits to our employees and their family members. We work to ensure our program remains aligned with — and in many cases above — current practices in the market to allow employees to focus on well-being and to maintain affordable health benefits.

At MSCI, we prioritize the health and well-being of our employees. We want our employees to be well and stay well – physically, emotionally and financially, while staying connected through our community.

While our plan availability varies by location, we offer a broad range of benefits. Our benefits can help ensure the health and well-being of our employees and contribute to their financial security.

To learn more, visit our Careers page.

Benefits and wellness


SR Compensation



Our goal is to build a highly engaged, innovative workforce that drives growth, profitability and shareholder value creation at MSCI. To do that, we know we must adopt strategies to attract and retain the best talent.

We offer competitive compensation packages. But beyond that, we believe in creating a culture that holds employees accountable for their performance and growth, encouraging them to challenge themselves and pursue their career goals. At MSCI, we link employee compensation to measurable personal, product/function and company results as well as certain behaviors.

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SR Community


Community and philanthropy

We encourage and support community involvement through global and local initiatives. We empower teams at all our office locations to identify and support organizations that have positively impacted their communities.

Local and regional employee resource groups and office leadership teams determine where they want to have an impact in their communities and organize a variety of one-time events and annual initiatives. Here’s a highlight of some of our work:





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