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Our people power our business – their success is our success. MSCI is committed to creating a performance culture of high employee engagement where every employee takes personal ownership and responsibility for their performance, career and professional growth. Our talent and leadership development programs are designed to ensure we have the leadership and talent pipeline in place to deliver on MSCI’s strategy, and our diverse workforce and inclusive work environment are critical to our success.

MSCI is an international company with a highly diverse global footprint. At MSCI, diversity is at our core and inclusion defines our culture. Our people are empowered to maximize their potential in an environment where all individuals are respected and encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work. This culture drives us to innovate and provide industry-leading solutions that power better investment decisions.

Increasing our diversity expands our talent pool which helps to accelerate innovation in all we do. Inclusion is highly correlated to driving engagement at MSCI which drives company performance and shareholders' value creation. We are dedicated to hiring and promoting qualified candidates historically underrepresented in our industry, including women, ethnic minorities and those in the LGBT+ community.

From the composition of our Board of Directors (30% female) and management team to our diversity, equity and inclusion programs, we are deeply committed to global diversity and equity and an inclusive culture where people can be their authentic selves. Our Board of Directors’ Compensation & Talent Management Committee, at least annually, reviews our diversity, equity and inclusion programs and initiatives.

Our Executive Committee is comprised of one female (Global Head of Index and Corporate Responsibility Officer) and four people of color, including our CEO, Henry Fernandez.

At MSCI, diversity is at our core and inclusion defines our culture. Our people are empowered to maximize their potential in an environment where all individuals are respected and encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work. This culture drives us to innovate and provide industry-leading solutions that power better investment decisions.

-Mission Statement developed by 2019 Executive Diversity Council


Executive Diversity Council

The Executive Diversity Council (EDC), led by Jorge Mina, Head of Analytics and a member of the Executive Committee, is comprised of a diverse group of 29 employees representing 18 offices across 12 countries. The EDC’s mission is to champion a diverse and inclusive culture by providing ongoing counsel on corporate initiatives and facilitating collaboration across the company. EDC members are responsible for partnering with our existing employees resource groups to raise awareness, conduct events around the globe, and serve as sponsors in their respective locations. EDC leaders partner with our Employer Brand Council and "Voice of the Organization” groups to help attract diverse candidates to MSCI. In addition, EDC leaders, in partnership with Black Leadership Network (BLN) employee resource group member, conduct ”Candid Conversations” to gather employee sentiment and feedback on sensitive topics such as racial injustice, as well as overall diversity, equity and inclusion actions.

Our Annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit

Our Annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit

The CEO, President, Chief Human Resources Officer and other Executive Committee members sponsor MSCI’s annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit attended by high performing women, MSCI Pride leaders, Black Leadership Network individuals and members of the Executive Diversity Council. The multi-day event features guest speakers, educational and networking events with the dual objective of developing leaders and inspiring actions for a more inclusive culture.


Our Commitment to Change

Our Annual Diversity and Inclusion Summit Content


  • Enhancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion of our

  • Global Workforce

    We believe strongly that our senior leaders are responsible for leading and enhancing our efforts to improve the diversity, equity, and inclusion of our global workforce. To increase the focus of our senior management team on improving diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Company, beginning in 2021, 10% of the target annual cash bonus for all Managing Directors will be based on specific diversity, equity and inclusion goals to foster a more diverse and inclusive culture where all employees can be their authentic selves.
  • Unconscious Bias Training

    Unconscious bias training is offered to all employees globally using a science-based approach and practical applications in the workplace. The training is being conducted by the Dagoba Group, which has more than 20 years of consulting experience in workforce inclusion and diversity efforts.
  • Benchmarking, Measurement and Research

    In 2020, MSCI participated in McKinsey & Co.’s “Women in the Workplace” study for the U.S. and Canada. Continued participation will allow us to track growth and progress on a yearly basis.

    MSCI is a member of Gartner, an organization that provides corporate research and business insights on human capital.
  • Employee Resource Groups

    MSCI sponsors several Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). We build on this foundation to further a highly inclusive and diverse culture. The groups are the Women’s Leadership Forum, Women in Tech, MSCIPride, Black Leadership Network and Climate Action Network. Each group promotes diversity, equity and inclusion with a broad range of actions that include MSCI employees, MSCI clients and our communities. We encourage and empower our employees to create new Employee Resource Groups and establish communities within the firm to help people bring their authentic selves to work.
  • Climate Action Network

    As part of the company’s Corporate Responsibility efforts, in 2019, the MSCI Climate Action Network employee resource group was launched to educate and increase awareness of critical environmental issues and challenges. Global, regional and local chapter heads were created to drive these initiatives through events, communications and implementing eco-friendly best practices.
  • Women’s Leadership Forum

    Guided by a leadership team of seven women that includes the Head of Index and Chief Responsibility Officer as the Executive Sponsor, the Women’s Leadership Forum (“WLF”) promotes leadership skill development and believes in “Inspiring and Encouraging Leaders.”
    • 24 chapters across 17 countries and a Global External Engagements and Partnerships Committee.
    • Celebrated International Women’s Day 2020 through “Walk for Equality” events across the globe.
    • In 2020, the MSCI Women’s Leadership Forum and Black Leadership Network co-sponsored a virtual panel discussion with PRMIA, a non-profit organization that provides development for risk professionals.
    • MSCI is a sponsor of several external organizations which support the growth and development of female leaders:
    • In 2020, a new Women in Tech (WIT) group was launched as part of the WLF, sponsored by our Chief Technology Officer, with a mission to create a community across MSCI for women in technical roles and empower them to recognize their unique strengths and create an environment to enable others to thrive.
  • MSCIPride

    MSCI Pride is an Employee Resource Group for LGBT+ employees and allies to help create an inclusive culture where all MSCI employees can be their authentic selves by raising awareness through education and community building, engaging with leading LGBT+ organizations and key client partners and advancing MSCI LGBT+ policies and protections around the world.
    • Each year, MSCI celebrates Pride Month through local office celebrations of Pride Month as well as educational and some client networking events to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.
    • The MSCI Pride Allies Program, sponsored by the President of MSCI, provides resources and education to inform and empower every employee on how to be an Ally for the LGBT+ community.
    • MSCI is a member of several organizations that promote inclusive environments in the workplace for the LGBT+ community:
      • Out Leadership, which is a global LGBT+ business network for CEOs and multinational companies that runs global executive events, research, and talent accelerators.
      • We Are Open, a nonprofit organization, based in Hungary, that partners with companies and organizations to create a more inclusive environment through workshops, consulting, and public campaigns.
      • Pride Connection Mexico, network of companies that promote inclusive workspaces and create partnerships to attract among the LGBT+ talent.

Our People - BLN and Eco

Black Leadership Network

The Black Leadership Network (BLN), recently launched in June 2020, has a mission to promote the recruitment, leadership, development and recognition of Black employees at MSCI. Sponsored by two Executive Committee Members (General Counsel and Head of ESG Product), the BLN is an employee-driven initiative that will seek to attract, develop and retain Black employees through increased and focused recruiting, mentorship, professional development and networking opportunities.

  • The BLN develops internal programming for important events such as Black History Month in both the U.K. and the US, including featuring external speakers and encouraging candid conversations from senior leaders and internal employees in panel discussions.
  • BLN leaders partner with Executive Diversity Council (EDC) members in conducting “Candid Conversations” to gather employee sentiment and feedback on sensitive topics such as racial injustice and overall Inclusion Diversity actions.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

MSCI is an international company with a highly diverse global footprint, diversity, is at our core and inclusion defines our culture. 

Cultivating Talent and Employee Engagement

Cultivating Talent and Employee Engagement

MSCI is committed to creating a performance and growth culture of high employee engagement, where every employee takes personal ownership of their performance, career and professional growth to better serve our stakeholders.

Ensuring Benefits, Wellness and Safety

Ensuring Benefits, Wellness and Safety

MSCI offers a broad range of highly competitive benefits to our employees and their families, including same sex domestic partners.

Our people - awards



In 2019, our CEO, Henry Fernandez, was named one of the 13 founding member CEOs of the NYSE Board Advisory Council, which is responsible for advancing board diversity by connecting diverse candidates with open board seats.

In Japan, MSCI was awarded the highest level Japan Eruboshi Certificate in 2019. Issued by the Japanese Government, this certification recognizes a company’s commitment to diversity initiatives and the advancement of women in the workplace.


MSCI’s Norman office was recently certified as a 2019 Oklahoma Family Positive Workplace. The certification was granted by the Potts Family Foundation, a non-profit, as part of their OK 25 by 25 initiative to improve Oklahoma's rankings of early childhood wellbeing to the top 25 states by 2025. The organization evaluates applicants based on their implementation of practices and policies that support families and provide ways for employees to more easily balance family and work obligations.

Toronto was a final candidate for Women in Finance Awards in Canada.

Women’s Forum of New York honored MSCI for accelerating gender parity in the boardroom at the 2019 Breakfast of Corporate Champions.


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