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Examples of programs offered include:

  • COVID-19 Pandemic – since the global pandemic emerged as one of the greatest challenges to business and life as we know it in history, we have addressed some of the most critical developments needs of our employees and managers via programs such as; Remotely Connecting to MSCI, Effectively Using MSCI Technology Tools When Working Remotely, Leading Virtually with Courage & Compassion, Working Virtually – Staying Focused, Productive & Resilient, Building Resilience and Leading Effective Virtual Meetings.
  • Mystery Coffee: a collaboration and networking tool that connect employees across the globe for an informal networking opportunity. Mystery Coffee has not only supported employees in ‘lockdown’ scenarios due to COVID19, but has also accelerated the ability of new hires to network and understand MSCI culture, people and processes to a greater extent. Within a month of launching the initiative, over 500 employees registered from 27 MSCI office locations globally.
  • Career Success at MSCI – designed to enable employees to plan, manage and take actions aligned with their career aspirations.
  • Other Success at MSCI programs – Development at MSCI, Goal Setting for Success, Giving and receiving effective Feedback, Getting the most out of Frequent Check-Ins and Manager Engagement Survey ‘From Data to Action’.
  • Experienced Manager Program—designed for experienced managers with a focus on driving performance engagement and effectively developing teams. This 12-week blended-learning program includes 360-degree assessments, experiential mini-assignments, one-on-one coaching and a two-day in-person experiential workshop.
  • Accelerated Leadership Development—designed for key leadership roles with a focus on enhancing performance through one-on-one coaching, leadership skills development, networking and applied learning. In 2017, we received a Chief Learning Officer Technology Award for deploying our “Coaching for Leadership” platform, in partnership with our external consultant Skyline Group, in our Accelerated Leadership Development program.
  • Leadership Transformation facilitated workshops with leadership teams are available across the firm.
  • LeaderShift—specifically for mid-level managers with a focus on enhancing performance via a three-day in-person experiential workshop and follow up session.
  • For new and emerging Managers – MSCI Management Fundamentals, Building a High Performing Team, Managing Difficult Situations, Managing a Global Team, Coaching for Impact and Interviewing Skills.
  • Personal Effectiveness programs – Working in a Global Team, Presenting with Confidence, Assertive Communication, Crucial Conversations, Personal Effectiveness at MSCI, Verbal & Written Communication Skills, Time Management, Attention & Concentration, Speak Up, Winning Outcomes, The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures (facilitated discussion), Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Working Across Cultures and Mandarin Language (Beginner & Intermediate).
  • Client Coverage & Sales programs – Negotiation Skills, Influencing Skills, Objection Handling and Consultative Dialogue Skills.
  • All Access Pass—includes programs covering project management essentials, 7 habits of highly effective people, prioritization and productivity, public speaking, collaboration and business writing skills. Financial Markets – designed to help employees understand the fundamentals of the financial markets.
  • Financial Markets – Financial Markets, Products and Processes; Understanding Market Risk, A Deeper Understanding of Markets.
  • Productivity, Power BI, Machine Learning, PowerShell Scripting and Python Training.
  • Technical Programs – Data Science Platform, Data Storytelling, MS Excel, SQL & ITIL Foundation/Intermediate Courses.
  • We also support employee learning outside of the company by sponsoring and reimbursing employees for business-critical certifications and membership dues, ongoing education requirements, and relevant industry conferences and seminars.
  • Product Excellence Program – delivered in partnership with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to develop our product managers globally.
  • New programs including Personal Effectiveness at MSCI, Communications Skills at MSCI and Time Management at MSCI.
  • Our Integrated Talent Management (“ITM”) framework is designed to ensure we have the senior leadership and talent pipeline to deliver on MSCI’s strategy. All Executive Committee members annually review their organization’s talent plans with the CEO and President including a review of each organization’s structure and capabilities to ensure alignment with strategic and operational goals, fit assessment of our senior-most talent, succession plans for senior-most roles and development plans for rising senior talent. Through ITM, senior management can appropriately differentiate talent and monitor the development of successors and rising senior talent.
  • There is also a dedicated Board of Directors session at least annually to discuss executive succession and overall talent plans.
  • In 2019/2020 we expanded our internal MSCI Training and Facilitation Faculty through a 6-month certification process. These newly certified trainers/facilitators are now actively facilitating learning offerings across the organization with the ongoing support and guidance of the Talent Management Team.
  • This year, we also launched Peer Coaching Circles for senior and middle managers across the organization. This provided leaders with an opportunity to coach their peers on real business challenges and be coached simultaneously within their peer coaching circle.




MSCI conducts an employee engagement survey at least annually that measures whether our approaches to performance, growth and career development are driving employee engagement. Managers receive anonymous feedback and are accountable for improving and enhancing the work environment to drive higher engagement.

From time to time, MSCI also conducts engagement “check in” surveys outside of the annual employee engagement survey cycle to gauge feedback from our employees on areas that are strategically important to MSCI’s success.

In our December 2021 employee engagement survey, we achieved a 79% response rate and the percentage of respondents characterized as fully engaged equaled the highest since we implemented the engagement survey in 2011. The number of respondents characterized as fully engaged was 73% and has increased 31 percentage points since that time, representing significant progress since the survey’s inception. Fully engaged employees are those who agree or strongly agree with all eight of the “overall company experience” questions asked on the survey.

In the December 2021 employee engagement survey, we learned that:

  • 94% of respondents are committed to playing a part in achieving MSCI’s goals
  • 91% of respondents are proud to work at MSCI
  • 85% would recommend MSCI as a place to work
  • 93% would recommend MSCI as a company to do business with

‘Developing our People,’ a measure that correlates with creating engagement, has an average score of 79% across all questions. This trajectory reflects our ongoing investment in providing tailored development opportunities, with 85% of respondents noting they had the opportunity to learn and grow in the last twelve (12) months.

Regarding inclusion, 87% of respondents feel they can bring their authentic selves to work. In 2021, we added new questions to better measure inclusion and belonging: 85% reported they feel like they belong and believe that individual difference is welcomed.

Employee engagement metrics do not include employees from Real Capital Analytics, Inc. (RCA), a newly acquired business of MSCI. However, the December 2021 response rate does reflect the number of RCA employees who responded to the 2021 engagement survey.


We are committed to training the next generation of financial industry professionals by offering opportunities in the Early Careers space that enables eligible talent to kickstart their careers. Students from all academic backgrounds benefit from working in a dynamic and challenging environment, grounded in a performance-based culture, and have the opportunity to learn from talented professionals across our business. Historically, interns have been hired in numerous locations in the U.S., Latin America, Asia Pacific and EMEA.

In order to offer these Internships, MSCI partners with numerous universities to recruit interns into locations and businesses where we have an ongoing need for strategic talent pipelines and have a breadth of diverse opportunities. Many of these interns are converted to fulltime positions, particularly in ESG, Legal, Client Coverage and IT. Early Careers recruiting is an important source of talent for MSCI and one that we will continue to build in the future.

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