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MSCI WMA Private Investor Index Series

MSCI is the sole authorised index provider behind the Wealth Management Association (WMA) Private Investor Index Series. The series consists of five composite indices designed to represent the weightings and show returns of selected multi-asset-class strategies, determined by the WMA Private Investor Indices Committee:

The indices include weightings of equities, bonds, real estate "cash" and “alternative” investments in proportions that reflect the longer-term objectives for each strategy. The weightings are determined by the WMA Private Indices Committee, which is responsible for regularly surveying WMA members and reflecting in each index the industry’s collective view for each strategy objective. The index weightings are updated when the Committee determines that strategy changes across the industry warrant a review.

The result is a suite of indices that can be used as benchmarks to compare the performance of portfolios that have investment objectives similar to the strategy represented in the respective index.

MSCI WMA Private Investor Indices Data Module

Users can access the returns of the indices by purchasing the MSCI WMA Private Investor Indices data module. The module includes the following:

  •  Daily index-level returns for each of the five MSCI WMA Private Investor Indices, including 10-years of rolling history for three indices and from inception (2011) for two indices
  •  The option to view index performance in both Total Return (Net) and Price Variants
  •  Index-level return data for the nine component sub-indices that are used to represent the asset classes receiving the WMA Private Investor Indices Committee’s asset allocations for each MSCI WMA Index
  •  Permission to show the performance of the five MSCI WMA Indices in both public (e.g., product factsheets, research articles) and private (e.g. client portfolio statements) documents
  •   Access to the data via MSCI’s FTP site or a host of financial-data vendors
MSCI WMA Private Investor Index Series

Introducing the MSCI WMA Private Investor Index Series - read the brochure for further information


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