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Biochar: Lift-off for Engineered Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDR)?

Interest and investment in Engineered Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDR), which remove CO2 from the atmosphere and permanently store it in geological or organic forms, are trending upward. The ability to remove a large scale of emissions and lock it away for decades or centuries makes engineered CDR an increasingly attractive choice for carbon credit buyers, suppliers, and investors alike.

This webinar provided an overview on CDR, and deep-dive into one of the fastest-growing CDR technologies, Biochar. We explored why Biochar is so highly valued by the market, and assess what its potential can be to scale the CDR market.

Our team of expert analysts discussed Biochar's key integrity considerations, leveraging our own integrity assessments of over 30 biochar projects, and provide an outlook for pricing and demand for biochar based on detailed production cost and market modelling.

Feb 28 2024


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