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Global ESG Leadership Forum 2013 - Americas Session

Global ESG Leadership Forum 2013 - ESG Integration across Asset Classes


MSCI ESG Research, IPD, the Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance (RBF) / University of St Andrews, Responsible-Investor.com, and SIO are hosting an audio webinar for a North American audience where experts from the industry and academia seek to assess the integration of ESG factors across asset classes.


The North American audio webinar will assess the following key themes:

  • Progression of ESG integration across asset classes in North America in recent years;
  • Stranded assets and integrating ESG into the valuation process;
  • Risk and return drivers: where risks and opportunities lie;
  • Theory into Practice: ESG integration across equities, fixed income, and REITs.

Hosts and Speakers

The North American ESG Leaders discussion and Q&A is lead by Bill Mills, Founder and Managing Partner, Highland Good Steward Management and speakers include:

  • Jameela Pedicini, Investment Officer, Global Governance at CalPERS
  • Daniela Saltzman, Associate, Generation Investment Management
  • Mario Lopez-Alcala, Senior Analyst, MSCI ESG Research 
  • Dr Andreas Hoepner, Lecturer, RBF University of St Andrews
  • Tim Goodman, Head of North American Engagement, Hermes Equity Ownership Services
  • Rob Fernandez, Vice President of Credit Research, Breckinridge Capital Advisors
  • Nicholas Elfner, SVP, Director of Corporate Research, Breckinridge Capital Advisors
  • Natalie Trunow, CIO, Calvert Investment Management

The session will last for about 120 minutes and is hosted by Whitney Rauschenbach, Marketing - US, MSCI ESG Research.

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