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Introducing MSCI Fixed Income Indexes for Canadian Investors 

With investors looking for indexes with targeted exposures to align with their investment objectives, there is increased demand for Climate and ESG integration across all asset classes. Building on MSCI's 40 years of benchmarking leadership as well as our market leading ESG, Climate and Factor capabilities, we are pleased to introduce our range of differentiated Fixed Income Indexes with the launch of MSCI CAD Fixed Income Indexes especially relevant to Canadian investors.  

Join us for the first of a 2-part webinar series where MSCI experts will introduce our line-up of 19 new CAD Fixed Income indexes, discuss what sets MSCI apart and provides different lenses for using ESG, Climate and Factor indexes.  


  • MSCI CAD Fixed Income Indexes introduction 
  • Differentiators 
    • ESG, Climate and Factor expertise 
    • High quality index construction 
    • Customization 
    • Fully integrated analytics capabilities 
  • Indexes through the lens of ESG, Climate and Factors

Please click here for the on-demand recording. 

Jul 22 2021

Virtual Platform


12:00 p.m. EDT


Virtual Platform

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