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Markets in Focus - Will rising inflation pop the equity bubble?

Global inflation surge has taken investors by surprise, the annual rate of inflation in the United States hit 6.8%* in 2021, the highest in almost four decades. Whether inflation is driven by fiscal and monetary stimulus, de-globalization, de-carbonization, or over-heating economy, the prospect of higher inflation could have a profound impact on sector and style factor performance and significant implication for investors. 

Join this webinar where our experts focus on two inflation scenarios for equity investors - 'stagflation' (rising inflation, slower economic growth) and heating up (rising inflation, higher economic growth) and share insights on the impact of inflation on factors and sectors and see how equity investors could have hedged against inflation.  
If we see continued economic expansion in 2022 with a sustained period of high inflation, we could potentially see rising interest rates across central banks. In this webinar, we also discuss factor performance in different US interest rate and yield curve regimes. 

Agenda Topics
•    2021 year-end review and Q4 roundup
•    Inflation and rate impact on equity factors and sectors
•    Outlook for 2022 based on adaptive multi-factor allocation model 

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Jan 26, 2022

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