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MSCI in Practice: How investors can leverage regional physical hazard data

The impacts of physical climate hazards are growing and represent material risks to investors. With continued global warming, the frequency and intensity of hazards will be exacerbated in the future. Companies and investors alike, encouraged by regulatory bodies, are now seeking to better understand their exposure to physical climate hazards and gain insight into how these exposures will change in the future. 

With MSCI’s new regional physical hazard datasets, investors can identify climate hazards that have the potential to impact their investments. Our latest Regional Company Exposure to Physical Hazards dataset and the Regional Physical Hazard Metrics provide insight into asset-level, admin-level, and country-level exposure to different climate hazards across different time horizons and climate futures. 

Join us to learn more about how our recent datasets can help investors identify their potential exposure to the most pending climate-related hazards.

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May 10, 2023

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