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MSCI in Practice: Sustainable Debt Financing and the Importance of Strong ESG Credentials

Over the last few years, sustainable debt financing – a previously niche market - has experienced remarkable growth. Along the way, there has also been a rapid expansion in the objectives and definitions of sustainable financing instruments. 

As the market grows there is an increase in scrutiny on the specific sustainable credentials of such debt products, along with the demand for greater transparency on sustainability KPI linkage.  

In this webinar we will discuss how corporate leadership can meet financing goals via sustainability commitments, thereby demonstrating how good ESG performance may help to access potentially lower costs of capital as investors, lenders and companies improve their understanding of how management of ESG risks can translate into long-term financial performance. 


  • Beth ByingtonManaging Director, ESG Product, MSCI
  • David CroftGlobal Director, Sustainability, Environment & Human Rights, Reckitt
  • Meghna Mehta, Vice President, ESG Research, MSCI
  • Varun Sarda, MD, Head of ESG Advisory, Lloyds Banks
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June 29, 2022

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