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Real Insights, Q4 2020

Watch our regular series of Real Insights webinars where we dissect the recent index results and provide research insights for global private real estate and infrastructure markets.

For this session, Will Robson, MSCI’s Global Head of Real Estate Solutions Research was joined by Chris Urwin and Laurence Monnier from Aviva Investors to discuss how global markets have continued to respond to the pandemic in the final half of 2020 and what this may indicate for 2021 and beyond whilst reacting to the latest results from MSCI’s private and public, fund and asset-level index results. 

We discuss what has driven office capital growth over recent years across various types of cities and whether these trends will be disrupted by COVID-19.  We also explore how the durations of office income may be impacted by tenants evolving attitudes to office space requirements.  And finally, we take a look at the performance of infrastructure markets from a range of perspectives.

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Dec 15 2020

Virtual Platform


10:00 a.m. EST New York
3:00 p.m. GMT London


Virtual Platform

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