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Thematic Investing – How transformative technologies are driving growth

Thematic investing seeks to leverage opportunities created by macroeconomic, geopolitical and technological trends. Expressed as themes, these long-term, structural shifts are driven by powerful, often disruptive forces.

Transformative technologies—including Future Mobility and the Digital Economy—is one of several megatrend categories we’ve identified to capture the forces shaping our future. The Future Mobility landscape is fast becoming a new ecosystem encompassing renewable energy, technology, transportation, travel, infrastructure, entertainment and even public health. At the same time, the pandemic underscored the global reliance on the Digital Economy, with innovation across sectors, including digital payments, robotics, 3D printing, cybersecurity, e-commerce, the sharing economy, social media and cloud computing.

Join us for a webinar with our experts to discuss the dominant themes that are expected to drive performance in a shifting landscape and help investors capture an information advantage.

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Nov 2 2022

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