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Thematic Investing Webinar Series

Watch on-demand our two exclusive webinars focusing on our new suite of thematic indexes, which seek to capture the Circular Economy, Space Exploration and the Blockchain Economy. 

Our first webinar focused on our Circular Economy suite. These new indexes seek to provide growth-oriented, sustainability-minded investors, with a new lens to assess opportunity—a roadmap to discover where value will be created in the 21st century and beyond.

In our second webinar, we provided a preview of our latest technology indexes, focusing on Space Exploration and Blockchain. As disruptive innovation changes the rulebook for the way the world works, we believe these two themes will play an important role in the near future. 

Our panel of experts discussed these investment themes, which both challenge convention and capitalize on the exciting growth catalysts of the future.

Session one: Circular Economy Suite - Watch the session on demand

  • A World Reshaped by a Circular Economy
  • Business Models and Thematic Opportunity Areas
  • The MSCI Circular Economy Indexes range
  • Q&A

Session two: Space and Blockchain theme - Watch the session on demand

  • Trends in blockchain and space exploration industries
  • MSCI’s approach to Thematic index construction
  • A deep dive into our indexes
  • Q&A

Dec 02, 08 2021

Virtual Platform


Virtual Platform

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Event Speakers

Stephane Mattatia

Managing Director Global Equities Index Products | MSCI

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Dr. Rachel A. Meidl

Distinguished Fellow in Energy and Environment | University's Baker Institute for Public Policy

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Katherine Nell Ng

Vice President, Research | MSCI

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Ketaki Garg

Vice President, New Product Research | MSCI

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Sam Korus

Analyst | ARK Investment Management LLC

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Yassine Elmandjra

Analyst | ARK Investment Management LLC

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