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Using MSCI Economic Exposure Security Data in Managing Global Portfolios

With the continued integration of world markets, companies are increasingly exposed to economic activity beyond their domestic borders. Understanding the geographic distribution of company revenues in this global context can significantly enhance the investment decision processes for constructing and managing portfolios.

Please join us for a webinar where we will discuss the MSCI Economic Exposure Security Data modules, which offer a systematic framework for measuring the global sources of revenue for each stock included in MSCI ACWI, at a country and regional level. Revenue exposures are standardized and therefore easily comparable across an equity portfolio or opportunity set.

Agenda Topics Include:
  • Compare a portfolio’s economic exposure to a benchmark
  • Gear a portfolio’s economic exposure towards (or away from) a target country or region
  • Manage economic exposure to regions with macroeconomic or geopolitical risk
  • Report on a portfolio’s economic exposures to specific regions or countries

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