ESG Research

Increasingly institutional investors are integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their investment processes. Our research is designed to help investors identify risks and opportunities, and focus in on key ESG performance drivers.


Death of Diesel
Corporate Governance in Malaysia
Have Corporate Controversies Helped or Hurt Performance?
Corporate Governance in China
Out of Whack: U.S. CEO Pay And Long-Term Investment Returns
Equifax Cyber Security Scandal
How Institutional Investors Are Responding to Climate Change?
Flood Risk in the U.S.
How Resilient are Mutual Funds to the Low Carbon Transition?
Global Pension Study – Underfunded Pension Liabilities
Tobacco: A Practical Guide for Institutional Investors
Americans in Paris: The Implications if U.S. Corporates Abandon Their Carbon Reduction Targets
Islamic Screening: A Practical Guide for Institutional Investors
Japan: Empowering Women in the Workplace
Regulatory Easing: Potential Impact on Energy Sector
Statement on the Draft Recommendations of the TCFD
The Impact of Electric Vehicle Subsidy Reductions on Purchasing Trend in China
Corporate Governance in South Africa
Navigating ESG Risk: A Geographic Lens for Assessing Companies' Exposure to ESG Risk Factors
What's the Buzz? Bees, Neonicotinoids, and Investor Strategy
Dakota Access Pipeline Issue Brief
US Government Sanctions & State Divestment Mandates: The Changing Landscape (2017)
Dentsu Overwork Allegations
Corporate Governance in India
The Tax Gap: Regulatory Responses and Implications for Institutional Investors
Women in Finance: Do Financial Firms Maximize Their Talent Supplies?
Keep it Broad: An Approach to ESG Strategic Tilting
Oh Snap! Tech Firm's IPO Breaks Shaky New Ground in Ownership Risk
Controversial Weapons: A Practical Guide for Institutional Investors
Impact Down Under
Overtime In Japan: The Impeder Of Economic Growth
Has Gender Pay Parity Arrived in the Executive Suite?
Proxy Access: 2017 Engagement Focus
2017 ESG Trends to Watch


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2017 ESG Trends to Watch

In our annual trends to watch report, we highlight the six biggest ESG forces affecting institutional investors over the long haul.

Equifax Cyber Security Scandal

MSCI ESG Research highlighted weak data security and privacy measures and corporate governance concerns, in Aug 2016, downgrading Equifax to CCC – lowest possible rating.

MSCI ESG Ratings

MSCI ESG Ratings helps investors identify ESG risks and opportunities within their portfolio. We research and rate companies on a ‘AAA‘ to ‘CCC’ scale according to their exposure to industry specific ESG risks and their ability to manage those risks relative to peers.