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MSCI ESG Screened Indexes

An Off-the-Shelf approach to ESG Screens

The MSCI ESG Screened Indexes are designed for institutional investors and aim to exclude companies:

  • associated with controversial, civilian, nuclear weapons and tobacco
  • that derive revenues from thermal coal and oil sands extraction or
  • that are not in compliance with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) principles

The indexes incorporate these exclusions while seeking to maintain a profile similar to market cap indexes. The suite of six indexes is available as a standard offering for easier access and implementation.

The exclusions have been selected to span the three pillars of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing which reflect investors’ most common concerns

  • ESG Screened: to incorporate common exclusions while aiming for a similar profile as market cap indexes
  • Easy to Access: available as part of the standard offering in MSCI’s ESG Index Module and Enhanced Module
  • Easy to Implement: designed to be easy to use and efficient for investors who seek an off the shelf ESG exclusion index


  • Designed to maintain a broad coverage with similar profile to market cap index
  • Targets Zero exposure to Controversial Weapons or Tobacco Producers
  • Aims to exclude companies involved in controversial businesses
  • Limited exclusions designed to lead to manageable tracking error vs parent index
  • Aims to reduce Carbon Footprint

Available Indexes

MSCI EMU ESG Screened Index


MSCI USA ESG Screened Index

Performance | Factsheet

MSCI Europe ESG Screened Index

Performance | Factsheet

MSCI World ESG Screened Index

Performance | Factsheet

MSCI Japan ESG Screened Index

Performance | Factsheet

MSCI Emerging Markets IMI ESG Screened Index

Performance | Factsheet


The indexes can be used to support:

  • Strategic asset allocation: Consistent, broad indexes that aim to represent the performance of the full spectrum of the global equity opportunity set without home bias
  • Performance benchmark and attribution: An industry-leading suite for global mandates, with regional, country, sector and other subsets available for more targeted investment mandates
  • Research: A leading source for global equity markets and underlying security-level data for sell-side research
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