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Sustainable Finance looks set to become the biggest regulatory revolution over the coming years. Many industry stakeholders are developing different regulations, standards and frameworks to address ESG and climate integration and disclosure.

MSCI is committed to furthering the development of ESG and climate disclosure, regulation and standards, including the EU Sustainable Finance package. This page summarizes our research, tools and resources. We continually update this information, please check back regularly. Any questions, please contact us.

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Principles of Sustainable Investing

Our views on the core principles and best practices for ESG integration.


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In January 2020, MSCI published The MSCI Principles of Sustainable Investing urging all investors globally to integrate ESG considerations into their investment processes.

MSCI strives to bring greater ESG and climate transparency to financial markets and support the evolving complex needs of the investment community. Over the last 12 months, we have launched three publicly available transparency tools to showcase MSCI ESG and climate metrics for tens of thousands of funds, companies and indexes, helping to drive awareness, educate the market and raise ESG disclosure standards.


MSCI’s Climate Solutions give you access to a wide range of tools and data designed to enable you to address a variety of needs including measuring and reporting on climate risk exposure, implementing low carbon fossil fuel-free strategies, factoring climate change research into risk management processes and engaging companies and external stakeholders.

MSCI’s Climate Risk Center, based in Zurich, works with leading academic and research institutions around the world to advance the use of climate science for financial risk analysis. The MSCI ESG Research and equity and fixed income research teams regularly produce ESG research papers, blogs and interactive insights to help investors explore key ESG themes, risks and opportunities.

More information about MSCI Climate and ESG research can be found at

EU Sustainable Finance Package

EU Sustainable Finance Package

The EU is pursuing the most ambitious sustainable finance package globally. MSCI is actively involved in several EU Expert Committees providing its expertise to the EU Commission.

Guides and Mappings for ESG Labels and Frameworks

Guides and Mappings for ESG Labels and Frameworks

MSCI ESG Research continues to map and expand MSCI’s offerings to keep up with the myriad of standards around the world, including guides and mappings on regional initiatives such as Febelfin’s exclusionary screening criteria and the Dutch Covenant exclusionary screening criteria, which are available to clients. For more information please contact us

MSCI ESG and Climate Experience and Leadership

MSCI ESG and Climate Experience and Leadership*


MSCI ESG Research

  • First ESG provider to assess companies based on industry materiality, dating back to 1999. Only dataset with live history (12+ years) demonstrating economic relevance3
  • Objective rules based ESG ratings, with an average 45% of data, sup>4 coming from alternative data sources, utilizing AI tech to extract and verify unstructured data
  • First ESG ratings provider to measure and embed companies’ ESG risk exposure5

Sustainable Finance Consultation Responses

Sustainable Finance Consultation Responses

MSCI’s team of sustainable finance experts have been actively monitoring and engaging in ESG and climate consultations. Please find below a summary of MSCI’s Responses to Sustainable Finance related Consultation Papers.

MSCI responses to consultations pertaining to EU Benchmark Regulations, EU Climate Benchmarks and ESG Benchmarks Disclosures can be found at in the “MSCI Responses to Regulatory Consultations Section”.

*MSCI responses to consultations pertaining to EU Benchmark Regulations and ESG Benchmarks Disclosures can be found at in the MSCI Responses to Regulatory Consultations Section”


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* Climate Data and Metrics, Climate Risk Reporting and Scenario Analysis are provided by MSCI ESG Research LLC. MSCI ESG Indexes and Analytics utilize information from, but are not provided by, MSCI ESG Research LLC. MSCI Equity Indexes are products of MSCI Inc. and are administered by MSCI Limited.


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