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MSCI Indexes are governed by a set of methodology and policy documents ("Methodology Set"). The Methodology Set for MSCI ESG indexes includes a document 'ESG Factors in Methodology' that contains the list of environmental, social, and governance factors considered, and how they are applied in the methodology (e.g., selection, weighting or exclusion).

To use the "Search Methodology by Index Name or Index Code" tool, type in the first four letters of the index name leaving out "MSCI" (e.g., for MSCI Emerging Market Index, type in Emer) or the index code, wait for the list of indexes to appear, choose the index and click "Go". For additional tips on searching the methodology toolbox, please download the Search Tool User Guide (XLSX, 204 KB).

The indexes listed in these search tools are not differentiated by currency or return type (price, net, gross), unless indicated specifically in the index name. To identify an MSCI index code to a Bloomberg or Reuters ticker, please refer to the Ticker Codes.

Key methodology documents

Key methodology documents

Below are the key methodology documents which explain our rules and guidelines:

Equity & Blended

Fixed Income


Latest methodologies

  1. Methodology
    MSCI Natural Resources Stewardship Index Methodology

    May 16, 2024

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  2. Methodology
    MSCI Index Policies

    May 15, 2024

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  3. Methodology
    MSCI Corporate Events Methodology

    May 14, 2024

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