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The buy-side is in an era of intense change. Regulatory pressure is increasing. Industry-wide consolidation is rampant. Outsourcing non-core processes is now commonplace. Demands for more speed and greater transparency are rising. And the entire operational role of data is transforming.

To compete effectively, asset managers and other buy-side firms must find a way to do more with less. This is the only way to deal with the implications of these trends. Namely, increased fee compression, higher data volumes and more complex data, and redundant, disparate workflows.

Improving efficiency requires investment in technology and operations. To succeed, firms need a partner with experience and expertise in both domains. MSCI enterprise services and solutions is that partner, combining three core offerings in tailored solutions to help you solve complex operational challenges. With MSCI solutions, asset managers can expect:

  • Lower total costs
    By combining MSCI’s content, technology and services, we can design a solution that can streamline your internal systems and processes.
  • Higher efficiency
    Freeing your teams to focus on revenue- and growth-related tasks can help firms reallocate FTE positions to more strategic roles.
  • Greater total value
    Combining MSCI’s industry-leading content with our technology and enterprise services and solutions that can help you tackle your most complex analytical and operational challenges.
  • More flexibility
    Working with MSCI lets you implement a truly customized solution while retaining the ability to make future changes as your needs evolve.
  • Better informed decisions, faster
    Using trusted data for multiple enterprise applications enables you to reduce redundant processes, improve consistency, and accelerate decision-making.




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Three solutions for operational efficiency

Enterprise services and solutions



Capture detailed information across the multi-asset spectrum

  • Client data
    Interface with +145 institutional custodians, fund administrators, and futures brokers
    +70M client positions
    +109 client data feeds
  • Market data
    Connect to all major market, holdings and transactions data sources
    +325K benchmarks from 78 vendors
    +22.2M instruments
    +290K ETFs, mutual funds

All portfolio/benchmark/market data standardized to form one integrated data set

  • Unified structure can be used for reporting, analytics and research
  • Prepare data once and use it in any MSCI service or internal process
Quality assurance

Fully automated process runs +700 checks daily with an expanding set of diagnostic tools


High-quality data feeds MSCI analytics, client applications and data warehouses


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Needs assessment


Deep dive to identify how best to address pain points and streamline operations

  • Evaluate operations holistically to find gaps and opportunities
  • Assess new and proven opportunities for improving data strategy
  • Understand tradeoffs between cloud computing and on-prem solutions
  • Improve efficiency and total cost of ownership (TCO) over time
  • Proof of concept

Achieve peak efficiency faster with expert setup, installation, and integration

  • Project management: scope, launch, training, documentation, and more
  • Workflow automation, including data input and high-volume report generation
  • Business process analysis to determine ideal form/timing of output
  • Data analysis: asset class modeling, system diagnostics, proxy rule implementation
  • Transition from implementation to live operation
Staff extension

MSCI operational staff joins your team on-site to solve operational needs

  • Technical and functional expertise to support ad hoc risk analysis
  • Integration of MSCI analytics with third-party and internal systems
  • Management of additional data- or risk-related projects


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Market value verification and analytics validation


Ensure that you are always working off of the highest information

  • Run data feeds through holdings-level reconciliation
  • Highlight coverage of holdings and market value
  • Run reports for every input source and aggregate results
  • Examine all material market value differences compared to MSCI sources
  • Monitor changes in risk statistics with respect to the last reporting cycle
  • Ensure analytics meet expectations
  • Investigate breaches to report the likely cause
  • Correct data issues that compromise analytical quality
  • Explain breaches to avoid recurrences


Market value verification


Analytics validation

Rejected asset remediation

Understand the rationale for rejection, resolve issues faster, ensure inputs to analytics are accurate

  • Proxy-to-cash: Rejected positions replaced with cash equivalent to market value
  • Rule-based proxy: Rejected asset types are covered according to preset rules
  • User-asset modeling: Firm establishes specific criteria


Process management

Trust our specialists to oversee processes and maintain business continuity

  • Process monitoring, disaster recovery, user acceptance environment included standard
  • 24/7 availability
  • Process 70 million imported positions daily
  • Process 1 trillion asset valuations daily


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