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MSCI Fabric is a wealth technology platform specializing in portfolio design, customization, and analytics for wealth managers and advisors. Leveraging our Multi-Asset Class (MAC) Factor Model and Private Asset Model, MSCI Fabric provides a platform for modern portfolio design and risk assessment to customize portfolios. We support wealth managers who want to help individual investors achieve their unique financial objectives.

Key features - Fabric

Features - Fabric

Design and manage portfolios using dynamic modeling and risk analytics

Fabric shows you the potential impact of proposed changes to a portfolio and assesses the ability of that portfolio to achieve your client’s objectives while optimizing taxes and transactions. 

Customize the investing experience and outcome

Design investment strategies that express your firm’s core investing views, then tailor a custom portfolio for each client based on their circumstances and preferences aligning client values, goals and objectives.

Control for ESG and climate risk

Wealth managers are being asked to address climate change, deforestation, pollution, water stress, data privacy, diversity, labor rights, corruption, gender diversity, and/or governance structure. Fabric allows you to show clients the impact of ESG and Climate risk in real time.

Asset class and risk factor modeling 

The Fabric Factor Simulation Model supports scenario-based asset class and portfolio sensitivity analysis so you can adapt investment models to your market outlook and changes in portfolio positioning.

Modeling private assets in multi-strategy portfolios

The toughest challenge of managing private assets is that they can’t be easily analyzed alongside the rest of a portfolio. Fabric allows wealth managers to easily model private asset risk/return in a multi-asset class portfolio.

Cloud infrastructure and API connectivity support Fabric’s integrated data platform

Fabric integrates performance reporting, client data, proprietary investment models and asset class taxonomies for your specific portfolio design.

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