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The buy-side is in an era of intense change. Regulatory pressure is increasing. Industry-wide consolidation is rampant. Outsourcing non-core processes is now commonplace. Demands for more speed and greater transparency are rising. And the entire operational role of data is transforming.

To compete effectively, buy-side firms must find a way to do more with less. This is the only way to deal with the implications of these trends. Namely, increased fee compression, higher data volumes and more complex data, and redundant, disparate workflows.

Improving efficiency requires investment in technology and operations. To succeed, firms need a partner with experience and expertise in both domains. MSCI is that partner, combining three core offerings to help you solve complex operational challenges. With MSCI Managed Solutions, you can expect:

  • Better informed decisions, faster
    Reduce redundant processes, improve consistency, and accelerate decision-making using trusted data for multiple enterprise applications.

  • Lower total costs and free up resources for value-add activities
    MSCI can design and operate a solution to streamline your internal systems and processes using a combination of MSCI’s content, technology and services. This can free up resources to focus on revenue- and growth-related tasks by reallocating FTE positions to more strategic roles.

  • Increase data and analytics quality
    Leverage MSCI’s automated data quality checks, analytic results monitoring, and established processes to ensure you are always working with the most accurate information. Reconciliation against client provided market values is included and can increase the consistency and integrity of the results.

  • More flexibility
    Because of MSCI’s experience working with the largest financial institutions globally we know how to design and implement a solution that can solve your current needs and evolve as your needs change.

  • Support for sustainable finance regulatory requirements
    MSCI Managed Solutions supports multiple regulatory and investor reports on ESG and Climate such as the EU’s new Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR) and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). With the capability of high-volume reporting and customization, our solutions can help you build robust reporting systems tailored to your needs.
    • One time upload of your portfolio that can be leveraged across reports
    • We can process large numbers of portfolios across multiple asset classes
    • Reporting is scalable, customizable, and built to meet your needs




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