Intro - Portfolio management 2023

In today’s competitive marketplace, differentiation can be essential for portfolio managers to attract and retain assets. It is becoming increasingly challenging for portfolio managers to create differentiation given the macroeconomic conditions and changing market trends.

The success of a manager may be anchored in achieving three objectives:

  1. Designing the best strategy aligned with investment values and objectives
  2. Delivering superior performance
  3. Communicating strategy, performance and value add in a very transparent and concise manner

MSCI has been at the forefront of innovation, offering decision-support tools along with rigorous research, transparent methods, and a global perspective to help our clients solve myriad investment challenges. Asset and wealth managers can use our models and optimization and performance attribution tools to help them understand the drivers of risk and return, construct optimized and personalized portfolios in line with their client’s goals and communicate their value add and performance in a transparent manner.

Asset owners can use our research, data, benchmarks, and multi-asset class risk management tools to enable them to measure the manager’s performance and help ensure that the managers they hire are delivering appropriate risk-adjusted returns aligned with their business objectives and financial goals.


Performance Attribution


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