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Climate Lab Enterprise Intro

What is Climate Lab Enterprise?

Climate Lab Enterprise provides institutional investors with the tools and services they need for net-zero alignment. It combines a comprehensive set of climate data and analytics with powerful forecasting tools to help investors measure, monitor and manage climate risk and the shift to sustainable growth consistently across companies, portfolios and enterprises.

For delivering on climate commitments

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For delivering on climate commitments

Jorge Mina, Head of Analytics and Linda-Eling Lee, Head of ESG and Climate Research, discuss how Climate Lab Enterprise can help you align your portfolio with a net-zero future. 

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Why Climate Lab Enterprise

Who is Climate Lab Enterprise for?

Owners and managers of assets are aligning their investments with the goal of transitioning to an economy that removes as much greenhouse gas from the atmosphere as it puts in. Getting there will demand insight into how climate risk could affect their portfolios, an understanding of companies’ climate trajectories and the capacity to track and report progress.

Enterprise-scale climate alignment  

  • Analytics for climate risk management and scenario analysis across asset classes, issuers, portfolios and enterprises
  • Forward-looking tools, including Implied Temperature Rise, to manage portfolios’ pathways to net-zero
  • Dynamic dashboards for easy monitoring of climate investment strategies across the entire organization
  • Market-leading climate data across multiple asset classes
  • Scalability from small institutions to enterprises with millions of positions
Climate Lab Enterprise dashboard to help measure, monitor, and manage climate risk

Climate investment data and analytics in a single solution

Climate Lab Enterprise brings together MSCI’s industry leading analytics and climate research to give investors the ability to take control of their net-zero alignment.

  • Measure portfolio exposure to carbon-intensive issuers and visualize companies’ future emissions trajectories.
  • Explore climate risk and opportunities by issuer or sector.
  • Perform climate-related scenario analysis and model exposure to climate transition and physical risk, including policy scenarios and physical hazards.
  • Drill down on data for insights that underpin our equity, fixed income and private asset models.
  • Understand climate exposure trends over time and track toward targets.
  • Forecast enterprise climate emissions based upon issuer targets.
  • Identify issuers for engagement.
  • Compare portfolios to benchmarks, positions across portfolios, and how rebalancing strategies may affect climate exposures.
  • Deepen insight into financed emissions relative to benchmark at different levels of the hierarchy as well as by sector and rating.
Implied Temperature Rise dashboard to help align your investment strategy with a net-zero world

Take your first step toward net-zero. Demo Climate Lab Enterprise

Take your first step toward net-zero. Demo Climate Lab Enterprise. 

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climate risk exposures across all portfolios

Leading-edge climate data with multi-asset class coverage

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Coupled with our leading-edge climate data, indexes and multi-asset class coverage, Climate Lab Enterprise leverage's MSCI Analytics' technology and expertise in risk assessment and aggregation to provide climate insight on an issuer, position, portfolio, affiliate, and enterprise level.


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Climate Lab Enterprise

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