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In a dynamic financial landscape, the power to craft and manage distinctive portfolios lies in the ability to harness a holistic approach. MSCI’s extensive suite of fixed income offerings integrates indexes, analytics and a rigorous sustainability and climate framework, setting the stage for portfolio differentiation.

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Key benefits

Differentiate your offering

Differentiate your offering

Craft distinctive and enhanced fixed income portfolios that reflect your unique investment philosophy, fundamental, quantitative or both.

Sharpen your view of risk and performance

Sharpen your view of risk and performance

Rapidly analyze your risk and return drivers while navigating credit, market, interest rate, liquidity, sustainability and climate risk considerations. Run stress testing and scenario analysis to identify unintended bets and make more informed investment decisions.

Address climate risks consistently and widely

Address climate risks consistently and widely

Align investments with your goals. Integrate sustainability and climate considerations, access global indexes with climate and/or ESG overlays and incorporate sustainability into decision-making processes.

One cohesive approach across asset classes

One cohesive approach across asset classes

Access fixed income instruments and derivatives across global markets, regions and sectors with our extensive range of indexes and analytics.

Improve liquidity and customization

Improve liquidity and customization

Customize your strategies to match your objectives across asset classes with innovative, tradeable corporate bond indexes that feature enhanced liquidity scores.

Tailor climate-conscious investment options

Tailor climate-conscious investment options

Manage climate-related risks and opportunities using developed and emerging market sovereign bond indexes so you can adapt your strategies with a climate tilt.

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How do I measure climate risk in my investment portfolio?

Learn how to assess the carbon risk of your portfolio to set a baseline for future action

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How clients use our fixed income solutions


You know us for equities; count on us for fixed income solutions. Our Fixed Income Solutions encompass proprietary indexes, data and analytics tools, as well as strategic alliances with global market benchmark and data leaders. We collaborate with, among others, Bloomberg, IHS Markit, S&P Global Market Intelligence, MarketAxess and ICE, affording our clients extensive choice and ease of implementation.

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Asset managers use our fixed income indexes, data and analytics for actionable insights into the climate profile of their portfolios. We enable asset and portfolio managers to…

  • Navigate global bond market uncertainties and assess credit risk and liquidity with our advanced analytics.
  • Support investment processes with risk and performance analytics that easily integrate with existing workflows and infrastructure.
  • Identify unique signals for quantitative fixed income strategies and active fundamental approaches.
  • Address climate broadly, aiming to go beyond the EU minimum standards. Help translate climate objectives into a benchmark-construction concept.
  • Adjust portfolio holdings to capitalize on opportunities or mitigate risks as economic conditions evolve.

Asset owners use our fixed income indexes, data and analytics to understand exposure to climate and sustainability risks. We enable asset owners to…

  • Tailor fixed income indexes to meet specific investment criteria.
  • Assess performance using our attribution tools. Better understand interest rate risk, credit risk and climate/sustainability risks of portfolios.
  • Optimize fixed income performance with insight into global market trends, interest rate fluctuations, and macroeconomic factors.
  • Provide end-beneficiaries with better information on how climate-related issues are managed.
  • Align with regulatory disclosures guided by Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) disclosures, Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), MiFID II, and more.

Insurance companies use our fixed income indexes, data and analytics to ensure that portfolio maturity structures are aligned with liabilities. We enable insurance companies to…

  • Act on climate goals and manage portfolio exposure with our Total Portfolio Footprinting, Climate Value-at-Risk model, Implied Temperature Rise and financed emissions metrics.
  • Align with emerging standards and sustainability reporting in Europe, North America and elsewhere.
  • Manage climate risk using our Climate Lab Enterprise solution’s powerful analytics, forecasting and visualizations at the single asset, portfolio or aggregated level.
  • Integrate climate risk into Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) and navigate the evolving prudential disclosures of Solvency II and IDD.

Risk managers use our climate-related indexes, data and analytics to ensure that portfolios align with sustainability objectives. We enable risk managers to…

  • Prepare for the latest regulations globally with tools designed to align with EBA ESG Pillar 3, SFDR, MiFID II and other frameworks.
  • Conduct stress testing and risk assessments that capture market, liquidity, and counterparty risks.
  • Align with evolving regulatory requirements, ESG standards and global sustainability trends, and help fixed income portfolios remain aligned with emerging issues.

Banks use our fixed income indexes, data and analytics to ensure that portfolios address climate risks and opportunities to align with sustainability objectives. We enable banks to...

  • Quantify the impact of physical and transition risk and probability of default for loan books with our Climate Value-at-Risk model, stress testing and scenario analysis capabilities.
  • Increase volumes through fixed income ETF and portfolio trading to meet growing demand from quantitative fund managers.
  • Generate investment ideas by combining our climate data and analytics with proprietary data for unique quantitative and fundamental research.
  • Gain insight into emerging climate policy to adjust lending and capital market practices.

Hedge funds use our fixed income indexes, data and analytics to conduct research and construct custom or quantitative investment strategies. We enable hedge funds to…

  • Implement factor tilts, hedging strategies, what-if analysis and more — all powered by our research-driven models.
  • Use a quantitative approach in fixed income and multi-asset class strategies to service clients.
  • Discover price inefficiencies using our fixed income indexes and data.
  • Integrate ESG and climate in investment processes with digestible, easy-to-use ESG and climate data.
  • Strengthen the search for investment opportunities across a range of global fixed income assets.

Wealth managers use our fixed income indexes, data and analytics to conduct research and construct custom investment strategies. We enable wealth managers…

  • Capitalize on our portfolio design, customization and analytics capabilities, creating client value at scale.
  • Deliver institutional-caliber fixed income portfolio management and insights to clients.
  • Enhance client conversations around managing climate-related issues with timely risk insights.
  • Integrate ESG and climate into the investment process with digestible, easy-to-use ESG and climate data, indexes and analytics.
  • Access data-driven business intelligence to deliver impactful proposals and improve client reporting and digital portals.

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