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Note MSCI is not responsible for tickers assigned to its indexes. MSCI provides these tickers with information received by Bloomberg as of October, 2015 and Reuters as of January, 2014. Tickers may change without notification from Bloomberg/Reuters. MSCI will provide updates on a best effort basis. If you cannot find a ticker, contact your Bloomberg/Reuters representative. Also note NA indicates Bloomberg/ Reuters did not carry the related index as of the specified time.

Download ticker codes in a spreadsheet format below:

Bloomberg Tickers

Reuters RICs

Index definitions

Refer to this useful guide on key index definitons.

index construction and maintenance

We offer a family of more than 160,000 consistent and comparable indexes which are used by investors around the world to develop and benchmark their global equity portfolios.

Quarterly Index Review

Our Quarterly Index Reviews refresh our indexes by adding, deleting or reweighting securities based on extensive internal review. They aim to find the right balance between representativeness of the underlying market or strategy, and replicability of the index in an actual portfolio in a cost-efficient manner.

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