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Aura Toader

Aura Toader
Associate, ESG Research

About the Contributor

Aura is an ESG Research analyst, focusing on household durables, leisure products and tobacco industries. Previously, she worked as a Corporate Governance analyst at MSCI, as well as at other companies, covering banks. Aura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and International Affairs from Bucharest University of Economic Studies and a Master’s degree in International Economics from the Beijing Language and Culture University.

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    Creeping Crypto: Cryptocurrency Risk and ESG 

    Oct 13, 2021 Harlan Tufford , Nigel Fletcher , Siyu Liu , Aura Toader

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    Institutional investors may have more exposure to cryptocurrency risk than they realize. We find that cryptocurrencies were a part of business for at least 52 companies covered by MSCI ESG Research, including 26 MSCI ACWI Index constituents.