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Jean-Maurice Ladure

Jean-Maurice Ladure
Executive Director, MSCI Research

About the Contributor

As head of equity solutions research, EMEA , Jean-Maurice conducts research to support MSCI indexes as well as risk models. Previously, he was global head of quantitative solutions at Coutts and had been Coutts’ head of investment strategy in Europe. He also worked at Barclays Wealth and BNP Paribas Asset Management. Jean-Maurice holds a Masters degree in Economics and Statistics from ENSAE in France and is a CFA charterholder and an actuary.

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Blog posts by Jean-Maurice Ladure


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  1. BLOG

    Can diversification help weather the coronavirus storm? 

    Apr 16, 2020 Raina Oberoi , Abhishek Gupta , Jean-Maurice Ladure

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    Whether investors include a tactical approach or invest strategically for the long term, diversifying across factors, sectors and geographies has historically played an important role in portfolio construction. 

  2. BLOG

    Emerging market country allocation matters 

    Nov 6, 2019 Jean-Maurice Ladure

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    Investors with strong convictions on emerging markets might consider an approach allowing tilts toward or away from specific themes, such as active allocation to single-country index-based funds. We explore considerations linked with this approach.

  3. BLOG

    Beware high dividend yield traps 

    Oct 25, 2019 Jean-Maurice Ladure , Ashish Lodh , Saurabh Katiyar

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    During low interest-rate, high-volatility environments, some investors have turned to high dividend-paying stocks. However, overly simplistic approaches to selecting dividend-paying securities exposed investors to potential “yield traps.” Could these traps have been avoided?

  4. BLOG

    Is Europe more than the sum of its parts? 

    Oct 8, 2019 Jean-Maurice Ladure

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    Investors have a choice between investing in European stocks regionally or through local-country index-based portfolios. What are the pros and cons?

  5. BLOG

    Brexit and the risks of home bias 

    Jan 11, 2019 Jean-Maurice Ladure

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    Every so often, a country can be hit by a negative event — a tidal wave, a terrorist attack, a political uproar.