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Leon Roisenberg

Leon Roisenberg
Executive Director, Equity Core Research

About the Contributor

Leon Roisenberg is an Executive Director and a member of the Equity Core Research team at MSCI. In this role he conducts applied research using MSCI Analytics products, focusing on portfolio construction and risk management. Prior to joining MSCI, Mr. Roisenberg was a Quantitative Equity Researcher and Portfolio Manager at BlackRock Inc. and Merrill Lynch Investment Management. Mr. Roisenberg received an MBA from Columbia University and BSc in Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Blog posts by Leon Roisenberg

  1. In our recent blog, “Equity markets in October – Has the tide turned?” we highlighted a rotation from pro-cyclical to defensive factors and sectors that began in June and accelerated in October. We also found that crowding in the momentum factor in the U.S. remained high, which suggested continued risks to momentum and other pro-cyclical themes.

  2. October’s market sell-off reflected investors’ concerns with the sustainability of economic growth, the longer-term impact of trade tariffs and rising interest rates. In all, it seemed to be a shift away from pro-cyclical themes. Do risks remain for those areas of the market?

  3. The momentum factor has been on a tear the last year and a half. Is momentum a crowded trade that has started to unwind?

  4. Value and momentum factors typically move in opposite directions—that is, when one outperforms the market, the other usually underperforms. In June, however, both factors underperformed the market, leading some observers to question whether this change in market behavior is impairing quantitative strategies.

  5. In constructing portfolios, asset managers expose the portfolio to factor tilts that greatly influence fund performance. Some of these exposures, which can provide sources of excess return, may be intentional but others may not. A manager who makes the wrong bet could be on the wrong side of history.

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