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Manish Shakdwipee

Manish Shakdwipee
Executive Director, Head of Climate Change Research in ESG Research

About the Contributor

Manish Shakdwipee is Executive Director, Head of Climate Change Research at MSCI ESG Research. Previously, he was head of energy consulting at Ecofirst Advisory Services, and was a risk consultant with Ernst & Young. Manish received his B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, and Ph.D. in Sustainable Energy Systems from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.

Blog posts by Manish Shakdwipee

  1. Carbon-intensive industries have been the primary focus of attention for investors looking to reduce carbon-related risks in their portfolios. But these particular industries are only part of the picture. Institutional investors may want to look beyond the usual suspect carbon-intensive industries to better understand the end-to-end risks.

  2. As the world moves toward a low-carbon future, companies of many stripes are adopting renewable and clean-energy technologies. That, of course, has implications for stocks and the portfolios that hold them. How can asset owners understand the carbon-transition risks in their portfolios?

  3. How are institutional investors tackling climate-change risk in their portfolios? Thanks partly to global initiatives such as the Montreal Pledge and the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition, both launched in 2014, many institutional investors have moved quickly to understand the long-term portfolio implications of climate change and to adopt climate-risk management techniques.

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