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Padmakar Kulkarni

Padmakar Kulkarni
Executive Director, MSCI Research

About the Contributor

Padmakar Kulkarni’s research focuses on the development of new MSCI factor and ESG indexes products, having worked extensively in the development of single- and multifactor indexes, as well as factor indexes integrated with ESG and climate considerations. He is both a CFA® and a CAIA charter-holder. Padmakar holds a bachelor’s degree in production engineering from the University of Mumbai and a postgraduate diploma in industrial management from the National Institute of Industrial Engineering.

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Blog posts by Padmakar Kulkarni


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  1. BLOG

    Building Climate-Aware Factor Portfolios 

    Aug 31, 2021 Padmakar Kulkarni , Chirag Gosar

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    Factor investing typically involves both security selection and alternative weighting based on security-level factor exposure. If such a strategy also needs to be climate-aware, what is the cost in terms of target-factor erosion?