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Stuart Doole

Stuart Doole
Managing Director, MSCI Research

About the Contributor

Stuart Doole is Managing Director and Global Head of Index New Product Development Research. He leads a global team responsible for developing new indexes and enhancing existing products. Previously, he worked on both the buyside, in portfolio management, investment research and risk management, and the sell-side, producing top-down macro and bottom-up quantitative research. Stuart has a BA and a DPhil in Mathematics from Oxford University and an MSc in Nonlinear Mathematics from Bath University.

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Blog posts by Stuart Doole


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  1. BLOG

    Building Better ESG Indexes: 30 Years On 

    May 27, 2020 Stuart Doole

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    How ESG indexes have evolved over the past 30 years: A Q&A with Stuart Doole, head of new index development at MSCI, about his conversations with investors since the COVID19 crisis started, the growth of ESG investing and how MSCI Research uses AI and machine learning in developing its ESG indexes.

  2. BLOG

    What drives the capacity of factor index strategies? 

    Oct 30, 2018 Stuart Doole

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    As factor investing becomes increasingly “business as usual,” institutional investors have become keenly interested in the ability of strategies that replicate factor indexes to persistently capture desired exposures without compromising exposure to the target factor. We illustrate six index design approaches that can be used to tackle this challenge.

  3. BLOG

    Integrating ESG criteria into factor index construction 

    Sep 27, 2017 Stuart Doole

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    Institutional investors increasingly are moving toward integrating ESG criteria into their portfolios and their factor allocations, in particular. This shift is driven by their recognition of the financial relevance of ESG issues to their risk management and their focus on long-term sustainable investing.