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Thomas Verbraken

Thomas Verbraken
Vice President, Risk and Regulation Research

About the Contributor

Thomas Verbraken is a member of MSCI’s Risk and Regulation research team. His work focuses on risk methodologies, as well as the evolution of banking regulation and stress testing. Thomas holds an MSc in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Applied Economics from KU Leuven. He is a CFA charterholder.

Blog posts by Thomas Verbraken

  1. France’s April 23 presidential election looms as the next important test for the future of the European Union and its common currency, the euro. The questions for institutional investors: What is the risk of France quitting the eurozone and what are the implications for their portfolios?

  2. The United Kingdom is about to begin negotiations over its exit from the European Union. Though the process could take up to two years, the triggering of talks leaves institutional investors to assess how Brexit, at least at the outset of negotiations, may affect their portfolios.

  3. Britain’s leaving the European Union would send the U.K. and Europe into the unknown with possibly major consequences for multi-asset class portfolios.

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