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Anna Gevecke

Anna Gevecke

Anna Gevecke is a junior climate-risk researcher at the MSCI Climate Risk Center, where she focuses on analyzing climate input and modeled data to ensure the accuracy and quality of products that quantify potential future economic risks caused by weather extremes. Prior to MSCI, Anna worked as a research assistant on tropical cyclones and as an environmental physics tutor at ETH Zürich. She recently completed her studies in atmospheric and climate sciences at ETH Zürich.

Research and Insights

Articles by Anna Gevecke

    Mapping Extreme-Heat Costs for the World’s Largest Cities

    5 mins read Blog | Jun 21, 2023 | Mathew Lee, Anna Gevecke

    As temperatures rise, so do the risks from extreme heat. Using hazard percentiles compared across climate scenarios, we assess the cities and sectors that could be most impacted and the costs they could face.