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David Lunsford

David Lunsford

Executive Director, MSCI Research

David is the Head of Climate Policy and Strategy at MSCI ESG Research. At MSCI’s Climate Risk Center, he designed the transition risk and opportunity assessment methodologies as well as other aspects of the climate modeling approach He has worked with governments and corporations on managing climate-change risks for over 13 years. He previously co-founded Carbon Delta, an environmental fintech and data analytics firm, which was acquired by MSCI in 2019. David has a Master’s degree in Sustainability and International Organizations from the University of Geneva.

Research and Insights

Articles by David Lunsford

    Stress Testing Climate-Change Scenarios

    7 mins read Blog | Jan 28, 2021 | David Lunsford, Thomas Verbraken

    Regulators around the world are upping the ante on climate-related financial disclosures. How can investors stress test potential exposures to these changes in policy? We take a look within Europe.

    Investor Reaction to US Elections and COVID-Vaccine Progress

    6 mins read Blog | Nov 18, 2020 | Dimitris Melas, David Lunsford, Andy Sparks

    To gauge investor expectations after Joe Biden was declared winner of the U.S. election and good news broke about COVID vaccines, we surveyed 151 U.S.-based financial advisers. We examine the advisers’ views on the next 12 months and markets’ reaction since Election Day.

    How climate change may ‘flood’ global equities

    Blog | Feb 5, 2020 | Boris Prahl, David Lunsford

    Of all the threats to the environment from climate change, sea-level rise may be one of the most devastating and permanent. The question for global equity investors is how coastal-flooding risks may affect their portfolios.