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Elchin Mammadov

Elchin Mammadov

Vice-President, MSCI Research

Elchin Mammadov is EMEA Co-head of ESG and Climate Research as well as a global utilities sector lead at MSCI, where he produces ESG-focused company research and thematic industry reports. He also develops and improves methodology and data for the electricity, gas, water and waste management companies and oversees their ESG ratings. In his previous role as a senior equity research analyst at Bloomberg, Mr Mammadov published reports analysing major industry trends and government policies and how they impact financial performance and business strategy of utility companies within his coverage. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Mr Mammadov worked at BP and the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic. Mr Mammadov holds a Master’s degree in Business Management from the University of Surrey.

Research and Insights

Articles by Elchin Mammadov

    European Governments Rescue Utilities Amid Gas Crisis

    2 mins read Quick Take | Oct 27, 2022 | David Muirhead , Elchin Mammadov

    Amid the Ukraine war, some of the largest European utilities have requested government support to offset losses from buying supplies at much higher prices. We look at which companies may be at greatest risk from soaring energy prices. 

    Catastrophic Droughts Put Utilities at Risk 

    2 mins read Quick Take | Oct 11, 2022 | Elchin Mammadov , Gabriela de la Serna

    Extreme droughts are putting great pressure on hydro and thermoelectric power producers, which need water to cool thermal power plants. Investors are watching to see how utilities manage water stress. 

    Energy Crisis Looms Over European Equity Markets

    2 mins read Quick Take | Sep 28, 2022 | Monika Szikszai , Elchin Mammadov

    The unfolding European energy crisis is causing havoc among energy producers and utilities. How could soaring energy prices affect companies from the perspective of energy consumption? 

    Proposed EU Windfall Tax May Hit Clean Power

    2 mins read Quick Take | Sep 20, 2022 | Elchin Mammadov

    As European policymakers mull windfall taxes on "excess" energy profits, clean-energy producers could be hit harder than fossil fuel-focused peers because of their differing cost structures.

    Inflation Reduction Act May Energize Utilities’ Energy Transition

    5 mins read Blog | Aug 31, 2022 | Elchin Mammadov , Mathew Lee

    The Inflation Reduction Act may help utilities and energy firms reduce direct and indirect emissions through tax-credit incentives designed to scale up the deployment of renewables and accelerate development of frontier decarbonization technologies.