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    Real Estate Market Size 2021/22

    Research Report | Jul 18, 2022 | G Hariharan, Razia Neshat

    Investors may well have expected a decline in real estate pricing and an increase in distressed opportunities due to the economic impact of 2020’s global lockdowns. But the hit to pricing was mostly negligible, and the flood of distressed assets never came.

    Real Estate Market Size Report 2020/21

    Research Report | Jul 20, 2021 | G Hariharan, Razia Neshat

    A robust, reliable overview of the sector in changing and challenging times. MSCI began systematically estimating the size of professionally managed real estate investment markets in 2004.

    Private Real Estate: Valuations and Sale Price Comparison Report 2017 results

    Research Report | Jul 18, 2018 | G Hariharan, Girish Walvekar

    For mainstream financial asset classes, investment performance measurement is based on transaction prices. In contrast, direct real estate is well known for being an illiquid and heterogeneous asset class, making the establishment of purely price-based indexes problematic. In order to overcome these obstacles, MSCI’s private real estate indexes are constructed on the basis of professionally sourced open market valuations, i.e., price estimates based on a set of market process assumptions...