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    Extreme Risk Analysis

    Research Report | Jul 27, 2010 | Michael Hayes, Lisa Goldberg, Jose Menchero, Indrajit Mitra

    Risk analysis involves gaining deeper insight into the sources of risk, and evaluating whether these risks accurately reflect the views of the portfolio manager. In this paper, we show how to extend standard volatility analytics to shortfall, a measure of extreme risk. Using two examples, we show how shortfall provides a more complete and intuitive picture of risk than value at risk. In two subsequent examples we illustrate the additional perspective offered by analyzing shortfall and...

    Extreme Risk Management

    Research Report | Feb 1, 2009 | Michael Hayes, Lisa Goldberg, Jose Menchero, Indrajit Mitra

    Quantitative risk management relies on a constellation of tools that are used to analyze portfolio risk. We develop the standard toolkit, which includes betas, risk budgets and correlations, in a general, coherent, mnemonic framework centered around marginal risk contributions. We apply these tools to generate side-by-side analyses of volatility and expected shortfall, which is a measure of average portfolio excess of value-at-risk. We focus on two examples whose importance is highlighted by...