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    The Net-Zero Journey Begins with a Single Step

    Podcast | Apr 21, 2022 | Véronique Menou, Jorge Mina

    As pressure mounts from their own constituents to decarbonize, institutional investors are looking for the companies they invest in to shift from net-zero pronouncements to concrete net-zero action plans.

    Isn’t It Time Investors Talked More About Diversity?

    Podcast | Mar 4, 2021 | Jorge Mina

    Like many people and companies around the world, investors across the spectrum appear to have recognized their role in promoting diversity, inclusion and equality within their walls and board rooms, and at the firms in which they invest. CalPERS’ Simiso Nzima and Michael Barrington-Hibbert of Barrington Hibbert Associates join MSCI’s former Head of Index and Chief Responsibility Officer, Diana Tidd, and Head of Analytics, Jorge Mina, for a frank discussion.