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Ketaki Garg

Ketaki Garg

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    No Country for Old Firms? Revisiting Growth and Thematic Investing

    6 mins read Blog | Jan 11, 2023 | Anil Rao, Ketaki Garg

    Investors that were previously enthralled with growth at any price have since retreated. With this in mind, we focus on spotting key differences between growth and thematic investing, and highlight how the two can complement each another.

    Innovation Investing and Equity Allocations

    Research Report | Oct 14, 2022 | Saurabh Katiyar, Mehdi Alighanbari, Ashish Lodh, Ketaki Garg

    Innovation investing has gained momentum over the past few years. Our research focuses on systematically investing in companies that seek to capitalize on opportunities created by megatrends and innovation-driven themes.  

    Indexing Change: Understanding MSCI Thematic Indexes

    Research Report | Nov 22, 2019 | Vishad Bhalodia, Kumar Neeraj, Devika Ghate, Stuart Doole, Ketaki Garg

    Thematic investing has become increasingly popular with institutional and retail investors. We review the concept and how it differs from factor and ESG investment processes. Additionally, we lay out how we model various themes to build a rule-based index methodology representing the performance of companies exposed to a certain trend.